5 Seasonal Sins Your Feet Won’t Easily Forgive


The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us! In the midst of planning, inviting, shopping, cooking, baking, and decorating for the holidays, it’s really easy to neglect our own health, including our feet. “Sins” against our own feet are not easily forgiven. Our actions can cause overuse injuries, inflammation, and infections that can plague us long after the holidays are past.

So be aware of these 5 common sins that people commit against their feet this time of year:

#1: Using your feet for too many hours a day

Staying on your feet all day takes a toll in the form of pain and inflammation. Too many hours can lead to plantar fasciitis, numbness, and muscle fatigue. Remember to take time out throughout a long day for feet to recover.

#2: Not making the time to get a problem checked out.
If you develop pain in your foot or ankle, it’s never a good idea to ignore it. Even in these busiest of seasons, make the time to consult one of Monmouth County’s board-certified podiatrists, Samantha Boyd, DPM; Hal Ornstein, DPM; Joseph Saka, DPM; and Katy Statler, DPM at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Center. Treating problems when they first appear often makes them easier to treat.

#3: Wearing shoes that don’t fit.

You may be surprised to learn that your feet don’t necessarily stay the same size throughout your adult life. The boots you’ve run holiday errands in for the last couple of years may no longer fit you properly. If you receive a gift of shoes that don’t quite fit, don’t be afraid to ask the gifter if you can exchange them. Then go get your feet measured by a qualified shoe salesperson.

#4: Ignoring the weather.
It may sound crazy, but we’ve seen folks sloshing around the snow and ice in flip-flops. This is a sure-fire way to injure your feet. Dress for the weather in warm shoes or boots with high-traction soles.

#5: Gaining weight.

Most of us are hyper-aware of the increased calories we consume around the holidays and how they affect our waistline. But did you know that that increased girth can cause foot problems such as flat feet, ankle arthritis, and heel and arch pain?

Do your best to avoid these seasonal sins - but if you find that your pained feet need some atonement, give our Howell, NJ podiatry office a call at (732) 905-1110. You can also click here to contact us online.