4 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Keep Your Feet Safe

How can you keep your feet and ankles as safe as possible? Not a question you ask yourself very often - but it’s a question we at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Center ask ourselves every day! What can we do to help keep the Monmouth County population away from our podiatry office and enjoying the summer?


Here are some helpful tips to protect your lower limbs from harm during this National Safety Month - and in every season:


  1. Watch where you’re going.
    Did you happen to catch that viral video where a woman was walking along the sidewalk about an hour north of us in Plainfield, New Jersey? She took her phone out, checked it, and promptly toppled head over heels into an open hatch. The poor woman sustained serious injuries. Avoid sprained ankles, broken toes, or worse by being mindful about things like walking while texting.

  2. Use best practices while mowing the lawn.  
    The Centers for Disease Control estimates that over 35,000 people are injured each year while mowing the lawn - and a great portion of those injuries involve the feet. Feet and toes can get gashed or even amputated, especially - wait for it - if you mow the lawn while barefoot. People do it -- but they should not. Wear protective boots, move slowly, watch for children in the yard, and make sure you know how to operate a power mower properly, including how to quickly shut if off when necessary.

  3. Be careful when wearing flip-flops.
    Flip-flops adorn the feet of millions during the hot weather and they’re great for poolside protection from fungus and bacteria. But you’ve got to limit your time in them since they offer little or no support at all. Spending an entire season in an open, unsupportive shoe will have you making an appointment with us for stubborn warts, athlete’s foot, tendonitis, or heel pain in no time at all.

  4. Stay hydrated.
    Foot pain can get worse when you’re dehydrated, especially if you suffer from recurrent episodes of gout. Remember to drink lots of water when the weather’s hot.


Staying safe this season takes some forethought and planning, but if you do hurt your feet or ankles, count on board-certified podiatrists Dr. Samantha Boyd, Dr. Hal Ornstein, Dr. Joseph Saka, and Dr. Katy Statler to welcome you with expert care and the latest in digital x-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, and MRI technology. Make an appointment online or call our office in Howell at (732) 905-1110.