Problems with Arches Can Cause Foot Pain

Does it matter what type of arch your feet have? Well, in the strictest of terms, no, it doesn't "matter" - you're born how you're born, and your feet are going to have a certain type of arch. What matters is whether or not your arch type is contributing to any foot pain you might have.

Defining the foot arch
There's a network of tendons in your foot and lower leg that connect to your foot bones. Those tendons work together cooperatively, pulling to form a noticeable curve. When the tendons are compromised in any way - whether from injury, inflammation or the genes you were born with - the curve can become too great or too small. 

Too little arch

Too small of an arch or no arch at all means that you have flat feet, a condition that affects about 20% of the population. Flat feet are often present from birth, so blame them on Mom or Dad. When flatfoot is acquired later in life, though, some causes include weight gain, pregnancy, nerve damage, or an injury to the tendons or bones. 

Some people go through life without any consequences from flat feet. Others will develop foot pain or even leg and back pain as a result. If your feet are tired and achy, especially around the arch area, if your arch is swollen or heel pain is also involved, make an appointment with us at Affiliated Foot & Ankle Center

Too much arch

Feet that have a higher than normal arch are less common, but the high-arched foot actually has a particular name: cavus foot. "Cavus" means "cavity," which is a reference to the large space under the foot of a person with this condition. Just like flat feet, high arches can be inherited or develop as a result of injury. 

A person with high arches can suffer from heel pain because the heel is taking so much of the pressure of standing and walking. Unsteadiness when walking is another symptom, as are claw toes and hammertoes

If your feet develop any kind of pain, there's a chance your arches are to blame, at least in part. Always have foot pain checked out by a qualified podiatrist. If you live in Lakewood, Jackson, Howell, or anywhere in Monmouth County, New Jersey, choose Dr. Samantha Boyd, Dr. Hal Ornstein, Dr. Joseph Saka, or Dr. Katy Statler. Give us a call at our office in Howell: (732) 905-1110.