Unfortunately, the prevalence of diabetes in our society is increasing significantly. It is a terrible disease. The three areas of the body that get affected the most are the eyes, the feet and the kidneys because they have the smallest blood vessels. So every diabetic whether they take the pill or they take insulin should see a podiatrist on a regular basis. Every diabetic should at least annually go for an exam. Medicare will allow most diabetics to come in for every 2 months for the care of their nails and calluses. They should not be cutting their own if they are at risk and most diabetics are. Medicare also allows once a year in most cases for diabetics nice shoes - some look like sneakers. The shoes are not what is quoted "old lady shoes" with insoles to keep them safe.

So generally the key things for diabetics are number one is check your feet twice a day. That is critical. You are looking for anything that looks unusual - cuts, redness, anything. If you see something, then call a podiatrist right away. Do not do what is called "bathroom surgery". Do not put ointment on it. Do not put band aids on it. Call your podiatrist right away and get in. We call that a medical emergency. We always say if the fire is small it is very easy to put out but the larger the fire the harder it is to put out. That is one very critical thing.

The other thing is you never want to go barefoot. Some people say but I wear flip flops or I wear a slipper. Are you wearing a slipper that has a hard bottom to it? You always want to protect your feet. It is like a motorcycle you want to wear a hard helmet. So, even if it is to get up to go to the bathroom at night, wear a good slipper that is closed with a good thick bottom. We have had a number of patients come in that say "I was only going to bathroom" and kicked their toe and get a little crack and it is not healing. The other thing we see is patients that say "I only take a pill I don't have bad diabetes". It is like being pregnant either you're pregnant or you're not. A simple visit to your podiatrist or to our office and we are very qualified. I personally trained at UCLA, at diabetic foot clinic there.   Dr Langley, Dr. Slater - all are extremely well trained in diabetic care. It is one of our specialties. We also effectively treat ulcers of diabetics. We are much more comprehensive than wound care clinics because you are seeing the same doctor every time. We minimize the amount of tests that you need. We have digital x-rays. We have all wound care products right in our office. Diabetics have to take care of their feet.