In our practice we treat a great number of runners. Unfortunately, the road warriors believe that pain is normal. Pain is not normal in your feet, ankle, legs. It is an indication that something is not right. So please see a podiatrist. It doesn’t have to be our office.  Just get evaluated.

We find most of the pain and issue with runners, unfortunately some wait until it becomes a stress fracture or a fracture or something that we have to put them in a boot. We want to see them earlier. We want to do prevention. We want to do evaluation. All runners should go see a podiatrist once a year and be evaluated. One of the most useful tools we have for runners are custom made orthotic devices. Unfortunately, what I see in the world of podiatry is the same orthotic for every patient. Well runners have a very unique need. We need to evaluate their shoes. We need to evaluate how they walk and the wear patterns. You could look at your shoe and it looks normal and looks like it is still in good shape. Studies have shown that between 200 to 400 miles is time to get a new shoe. So, law of averages, get it every 300.  You should have two pair of shoes. Alternate them. Do not wear the same running shoe every day. Do not wear the same running shoe to run and also walk the streets. Have a pair dedicated to just running.  Always make sure you lace them to the top hole. Make sure you get laces that are two to three dollars and they actually have little bumps in them so they don’t slide in your shoes. Wear good socks like Thorlo socks that cushion and actually help with sweating. They are worth their investment. Unfortunately for those who injure themselves we have all the best technology we have digital x-ray, we have diagnostic ultra sound, we have shockwave therapy.

We even have, less than .3 podiatrists I would say have an onsite physical therapist and we invested in our patients because we want the best physical therapy. We don’t want machine physical therapy. We want hands on therapist. Actually one of our therapists is a runner and really understands.

The needs of runners are very unique they are whole breed. I am a runner I do probably three to four miles every other day. That is mild running. We understand, we are involved with some of the marathons around. We understand the needs that are extremely unique. So we are always here for you. You can go right on our website. You can email any questions or contact us with any concerns. We are here to keep you running