There is a misconception out in the public that we as podiatrist do not treat fractures, sports medicine sprains. We absolutely do. We are very well trained in the injuries to the lower extremity. It is surely better coming right into our office and being seen than going to the emergency room. Where they strap your foot and say go see the doctor.

So we are 24 hours. We are always on call. Our pager is right on our phone. We treat every aspect of foot and ankle injuries. Even to the level where surgery is needed which is rare but again I am just emphasizing the quality of our training for this type of injury. The nice part is we have all the braces, all the walkers, right in our office. So, we don't have to give you a prescription and send you down to a supplier for another co pay and waste hour or two of your time and we know that you are getting top quality. We see a lot of kids who play softball, baseball, football. We cater to kids. We absolutely love them. It is a center of excellence issue. Everything that you need is right there.

Physical therapy after sports injuries is really critical to help not reinjure yourself. A lot of people think - what no pain I am all better. You don't realize the brain connection to your foot is not always there even though you are not having pain. So retraining your foot through physical therapy and having somebody who is hands on and specializing in that is critical.