Shoe Haiku

National Poetry Month has inspired us to muse about shoes --

On the businessman’s classic

Oxford on my foot

Serviceable, seamless style

Tremendously fly


On the high heel

Stunning in my Choos

Toes wedged in a narrow space

Awesome to remove


Bad poetry aside, it’s fair to say that people can be really passionate about their shoes. What motivates people to buy certain shoes? Unless you have required footwear for work, such as a protective boot, it’s often style first. What’s everyone wearing these days; what’s going to look good with your new clothes; if you buy it, will your spouse freak when the bill arrives?  Would your podiatrist approve of this 4½ -inch heel?


As board-certified podiatrists, Dr. Samantha Boyd, Dr. Hal Ornstein, Dr. Joseph Saka, and Dr. Katy Statler of Affiliated Foot & Ankle Center in Howell, New Jersey will always recommend that you choose shoes for their ability to protect and support your feet, and not just because you like them.


Steps to take when buying shoes

  1. Pick the right size. Your foot size can change over time, so if you’re still wearing the shoe size you wore in 11th grade British Lit class, get it measured today by a qualified shoe salesperson.

  2. Consider your foot’s special needs. If you have bunions, corns, or calluses, choose a shoe with a wide toe box. Also avoid anything that will put pressure on your toes, such as decorative stitching in the toe box area. Do you wear orthotic inserts? If so, make sure they work in your new shoes.

  3. Keep it low. If you’re trying to choose between two nice-looking shoes, go for the lower heel. If a heel higher than 2 inches is a must-have, just be sure to max out the number of hours you wear them at 3.

  4. Be judgmental about material. Leather uppers allow your foot to breathe, whereas plastic will make them sweat worse than a newbie performing at a Poetry Slam. Pay attention to the material on the sole of the shoe as well. The softer the sole, the more shock-absorbent it is.

Picking a comfortable shoe that also looks great may take some time and creativity. When you do achieve a great look with a great fit, we call it poetry in motion. For more tips about shoes and foot care, call our Monmouth County podiatry office at (732) 905-1110 or visit our website to make an appointment online.